La Ferme de Biéreau

Our happy caravan has arrived today to Louvain-La-Neuve, la Ferme de Biéreau where we have the pleasure to share our music, to perform, to have a proper shower… 🙂
The first camping night and our first 2 days of ride were definitely not easy! The rain was pouring, the sun was burning, bike chains were falling, and… we continued riding!

Travelling in such a big group of people is an experience of its own. Quick to realise that a problem of an individual becomes directly a problem of the whole group. One learns to be more patient, more understanding, and every hour we become more aware of each person’s needs, weaknesses and strengths… we help, we wait, we talk a lot, and we share beautiful moments filled with laugh and music ♡

Tomorrow we play in Namur! Can’t waaait !


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