Ram dÂme – Namur (B)

„On Saturday I had the big pleasure to play at @miamsalondecookie, a very cozy cookie cafe in Namur, Belgium. The setting was excellent for the music I wanted to share, and the atmosphere was so warm. And although we did around 40km by bicycle that day and I felt like I was really getting ill, I enjoyed singing and playing so much…

One of the greatest moments during my concerts is always the moment when I play the song written around 30 years ago by my dad. When he was my age, he performed it at one of the student festivals somewhere in Poland. It tells a story of a king’s insatiable desire for discovering the world:

Gdzieś na krańcach świata są wysokie góry
Idź tam i powiedz mi co za nimi jest…
/Somewhere at the end of the world soar high mountains
Go there and tell me what is behind them…/

I feel such an honour to be able to sing this song today and give tribute to my very talented dad!Ram d’“ (=>Zofia)


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