It is possible!

It is possible to make a musical tour by bicycle! We just finished a tour from Brussels to Biel in 6 weeks. But nowadays only for people who are ready to endure much. This attempt to not heat up the climat and express love for nature while touring is challenging. It’s a long way to go until this is possible for the mainstream of music makers.

What’s needed are several things: better embedding of road conditions and inclinations in maps, more cycle paths in cities and safer ways in the countryside. For festival organisers it is necessary to rethink hospitality; even though a group with bikes takes much less space on the roads, we need more storage space when we rest – because we can’t leave our gear in an open trailor in a parking space. Also it is clear, that we have to stay overnight. For bands it is necessary to accept the fact, that not every gig in any place can be played – 30km journey per day are already a decent bit of work when the sun is hot and there is a gig afterwrds…

We are just at the beginning of a critical mass to make the change real.

Many many thankful thoughts about this incredible tour we just have finished. We travelled by Bicycle from Brussels to Biel – roughly 1000 km while playing gigs on an average of three days each week, organising accomodation and food and looking after eachother – What a group! Million thanks to each one of you! (Kaspar)

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