Likelive, never ending live…

What a nice picture to introduce you the Rosalina Family.. It’s the end of this tour, but It’s never really the end..

It’s a beautifull start, it was at some points a crazy dream, travelling only with bikes, playing shows and inviting other collective..

Now it was our reality for the past 6 weeks..

Thanks to Teatro Tatarira, Collective for Beautifull Trouble and Zofia to had amaizing colors in this tour..

Thanks to all the wonderful places who invited us..

Thanks to all the people for the support (mecanic, water, place to sleep, and so many others things) that make this possible.

Thanks to all this beautifull people who decided to take their bike and follow the rythmes of the Velocaravane..

And thank you so much, you, who came to our concerts and shows, this was really amaizing..

We are looking forward for the future..


HermanXs PerdidXs

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