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  • la nouvelle norme des tournées de musique

    On voulait juste partager avec vous cet article paru vendredi dernier et dire un grand merci d’avoir pris le temps et laisser de l’espace pour parler de ce projet qui deviendra peut-être la nouvelle norme des tournées de musique.

  • Likelive, never ending live…

    What a nice picture to introduce you the Rosalina Family.. It’s the end of this tour, but It’s never really the end.. It’s a beautifull start, it was at some points a crazy dream, travelling only with bikes, playing shows and inviting other collective.. Now it was our reality for the past 6 weeks.. Thanks […]

  • It is possible!

    It is possible to make a musical tour by bicycle! We just finished a tour from Brussels to Biel in 6 weeks. But nowadays only for people who are ready to endure much. This attempt to not heat up the climat and express love for nature while touring is challenging. It’s a long way to […]

  • Biel/Bienne NOW!!

  • Quién toma la Rosalina

    It’s soon the end of our Rosalina Tour ! We have been travelling through Switzerland for almost 2 weeks. We have cycled and camped along beautiful rivers, we repaired our Rosalina tandem bike which (who?) got very ill on the way (it was a no mean struggle but we made it!), we wrote a #Rosalinatour […]

  • Cycling as a peaceful manifestation

    This tour is so crazy! I sometimes forget how much. Talking to people on our way and telling them our story make us realise what we are actually doing and what we are here for. Cycling as a peaceful manifestation for the protection of our earth, as an invitation for slowing down in the daily […]

  • Vosges mountains, France

    Since 3 days we’re been in the Vosges mountains, France. We had a big pleasure to play at Jean le Moine festival in Faucogney. I think that none of us expected to arrive in such a wonderful place… to get here we climbed the steepest and the longest slope ever since our departure (around 14% […]

  • Stop Nuclear!

    Dagegen kann man zum beispiel pedalen… daneben

  • Zürii isch ou scho verbiii

    Gestern haben wir Zürich hinter uns gelassen und haben nun nur noch die letzte Etappe bis nach Biel/Bienne zu bewältigen. unglaublich! einerseitz freudig wieder nach hause zu kommen um die müden Beine zu erhohlen, andereseits wehmütig dass das ganze Abenteuer schon bald ein Ende hat…